A Great Way To Cut Down Cigarettes – Meditation

It’s not easy cutting down with cigarettes, not to mention quiting completely… For many people, it involves a lot of stress and pressure from people around them, asking them to quit smoking.

cigarette in the ashtray

A recent study found that meditation can help smokers to cut down their cigarettes consumption. The study focused on a specific meditation called “mindfulness meditation”. This meditation has been associated with relief from common cold or flu, stomach issues and even hot flashes.

The mindfulness meditation induces relaxation, helps people to focus on the current moment and to embrace their thoughts and sensations. Basically, it helps the mind to wander off and to relieve stress.

Once the stress of daily life is starting to fade, the need for a cigarette is also decreasing (in most people). This could even be a way to stop smoking completely, but even if not, cutting down the amounts is a good start. Everyone around you will notice and probably commemorate you on your efforts.