Blueberries: The Key to Longer Life and Better Memory

Blueberries have fascinated scientists for a decade now due to their natural ability to enhance our brain function and memory. What is it in blueberries that make them so special as for scientists to even think that they are the key to longer lifespan?

Numerous research studies have been made regarding the miraculous properties of the blueberry. Results show that it helps slow the entire aging process both internally and externally. In other words, while it enhances brain function thereby protecting it from the negative effects of the aging process, it also serves as an effective anti-oxidant that prevents cellular damage.

Scientists also found out that regular intakes of blueberries can help the elderly avoid cases of dementia among other diseases related to the decay of brain function. As such, blueberries are becoming quite a star in the field of research in anti-aging. Another independent study indicates that blueberries can also effectively prevent DNA damage, heart disease, certain types of cancer, metabolic syndrome among other diseases.

Is blueberry really the superfruit?

Researchers studying the aging process through the use of fruit flies have also found some startling news regarding the benefits of blueberries. According to their findings, fruit flies who have been given a blueberry diet lived ten percent longer than those who did not get the blueberry intakes. An experiment published in a journal of cell aging reveals the ability of the blueberry fruit to reduce aging by up to 20 percent. In addition, the experiment also concluded that blueberry intake helps fight stress.