Can Women Really Live Longer than Men?

There are various factors that contribute to human aging such as stress, diet, lifestyle and genetics. However, recent research into the field of longevity studies seem to indicate otherwise. Women are found out to live longer than men because of a substance necessary to make women fertile.

According to a recent research on longevity, women are supposed to live longer than men thanks to a compound substance responsible for keeping women fertile for reproduction. This substance called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid hormone that effectively counters the effects of stress and other factors that contribute to the aging process. DHEA is found in the egg cells and gradually decreases as we age.

healthy lifestyleScientists believe that decoding the functions of the DHEA is the key to human immortality and further human longevity. Research is now focused on regulating the levels of DHEA through the a process called caloric restriction which entails the reduction of calories consumed by the body. In other words, a systematic dietary regulation can be the key to longer life.

A separate research indicates that reducing food consumption actually extends life up to 20% longer. The research was tested on laboratory rats that lived longer after their caloric consumption was reduced as compared to their counterparts given a normal diet. According to a research conducted by Harvard University, caloric reduction does not necessarily mean starving oneself. Research continues on how the female steroid hormone can be regulated without necessarily starving. The research also indicates that women, by default tend to live longer than men because of the abundance of DHEA in their reproductive system.

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