Could Physical Exercise Help To Live Longer?

There are some things in life that we just can’t escape from, like aging for instance. No one wants to age and look old, but it’s a biological fact. Some people do plastic surgeries to look younger, others use rejuvenating creams. But it’s also important to maintain a routine of physical activity, as it has lots of benefits.

at the gym

Many studies suggest that physical activity is not only helpful in keeping you in shape, but it can also prevent diseases, which ultimately adds more years to your lifespan.

One study in Taiwan found that 15 minutes of daily physical exercise lowered all potential causes of death by 4 percent. Exercise can also be effective in treating diseases like cancer. People who suffer from cancer are advised to engage in a weekly moderate exercise for a couple of hours every week.

Studies found that intense exercise cycling had a good influence in lowering blood pressure and preventing coronary heart disease. They say that people who engaged in fast and intense cycling exercises lived about 5 years longer than those who did not engage in such activity. So, it can be concluded that daily exercise does significantly lower the risk of death by aging-diseases.