Effective Ways To Fight Hair Loss

Studies suggest that over 70 million people in the US are suffering from hair loss of some degree. The most popular and well known option to treat it is with a restoration surgery, but there are other options like drugs and topical hair solutions.

severe hair lossThe reasons for hair loss are many, for example – genetics, stress, extreme diet and even illnesses and hormonal changes.

At the non-surgical group of treatments we have the topical hair solutions and daily supplements or medicines that strengthen the hair. Topical solutions are usually designed as a leave-in treatment.

Another non-surgical solution is taking nutritional supplements that strengthen the hair from within. A lot of these pills contain hair growth stimulations that are either natural or produced in a lab. In any case, their effect is much weaker than the topical treatments.



The surgical solution is what is known as a hair transplant. There are various opinions about this treatment, both good and bad. Ultimately, it depends on how much can you spend on a treatment and how fast do you expect results.

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