How To Fight Hair Loss In Men And Women

Lots of people deal with hair loss, both men and women. Only in the US, it is reported that over 50 million people suffer from it. The causes for hair loss can vary from nutrition, genetics, medical conditions or stress.

young bald man

In general, men who suffer from hair loss usually get it from genetic causes, meaning, they have inherited it from someone in the family. It can come from either the mother or the father (contrary to the belief that you inherit it from your mother). Also, there is no guarantee that if your father is bald then you will be too (or the way around).

For women, the causes could be genetic, but there are a few other causes: pregnancy, menopause, hormonal changes and even extreme diet.

There are not a lot of natural remedies for hair loss, unfortunately. Most over-the-counter remedies like shampoos or topical creams seem to work, but the hair becomes very dependent on the drug and once you stop taking it, all the effects are lost.

There are also medicines that contain Propecia, which is a DHT blocker. The body converts testosterone into DHT. When it’s combined with the genetics of hair loss, the DHT tends to encourage balding. These medicines work to block the DHT, and stop the hair loss.

The other alternative, which is also the most expensive, is hair transplant surgery. These days, the techniques are so good, that it’s very hard to tell if a person had a hair transplant.