Finally, A Cure for Alzheimer’s!

For decades now, scientists have been interested in finding out the elusive cure to Alzheimer’s disease. Many developments in the field of gerontology and aging studies have produced significant medicinal treatments that prevent the brain’s degradation but does not cure it completely. Not until now that researchers in California finally found the cure for Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer's diseaseA research laboratory in the University of California tested Alzheimer’s mice by introducing a nutrient that has been around for decades. Before the tests begun, they medicated the mice to produce a medically-induced Alzheimer’s by administering beta amyloid plaque which is the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease.

The nutrient called Niacinamide was then introduced to the mice for four months after which their long-term and short-term memories were tested. Results show that their memories improved. In fact, their memories lost during their demential phase were all restored. These were confirmed by first teaching the mice how to go through mazes and then subjecting them to Alzheimer’s disease. The introduction of the niacinamide brought back their memories which enabled them to relearn how to go through the maze even if they have forgotten it long ago.

Overall, the niacinamide testing was a success and went beyond what they expected. Instead of just protecting the brain from beta amyloid plaque, niacinamide treatments actually restored their memories. The niacinamide works like a cleaner that widens the neural hiway within microtubules. Microtubules are networks of nerves connecting neurons. When the microtubules get blocked, the brain disintegrates.

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