How Can A Proper Diet Extend Lifespan

People who want to prolong aging usually turn to products like creams to reduce wrinkles, or nutritional supplements. But there is another way to extend lifespan – a balanced diet.

The right food can totally change your health and improve resistance to illnesses. By reducing calories you can improve your health and even fight aging. Eating fewer calories would help maintaining a strong and lean body, and even eliminate diseases like obesity. A “longevity diet” is designed to minimize about 30% of calories in everyday life.

A massive calorie decrease is quite radical and may not be achievable at once. You should do it in stages, and start with lowering 15% at first and another 15% three or four months later. This will help you adjust to the new regime.

An important aspect is including lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes. On the other hand, reduce (or even avoid completely) the consumption of red meat and chicken, and switch to low fat turkey. Eat plenty of fish as they are a great source for omega-3 fatty acids.

nice looking fish

A few studies show that a diet rich in fish is conducive to a long life, according to this article: The Right Food for a Long Life. The fatty acids from fish are known to decrease the risk of a range of illnesses.