How to Improve Bad Blood Circulation

Millions of people around the world suffer from bad blood circulation but only a few percent notice or know that they have such a condition. More often than not, people ignore symptoms or take it lightly at the very least. It is important to watch out for symptoms of this condition as it is sometimes referred to as the silent killer.

Exercise regularly to avoid bad circulationBad circulation is more commonly known in the medical world as Peripheral Vascular Disease or PVD. It is described as a medical condition which is similar to other diseases such as coronary artery disease and artery disease. PVD or bad circulation occurs when fatty deposits stack on the inner linings of the artery wall. Once too much fatty deposits block the pathway of blood, the person will suffer from PVD.

PVD can cause heart attacks, strokes, loss of limbs and in isolated cases, even death. However, PVD can completely be prevented during its early stages. Treatments differ varying from surgery, life style change, medical treatments or a mixture of all


Symptoms of PVD include cramping of the buttocks, pains in the leg area, swelling or tired, aching feet. In addition, a patient suffering from PVD can also feel very low temperatures in his/her hands, legs and feet. The low temperatures on the upper and lower extremities entail the inability of the blood to deliver enough temperature due to artery blockage.

If you feel these symptoms, consult your doctor or engage in lifestyle changes that will prevent you from eating food with too much fat in them. Also, exercise regularly so your body can naturally get rid of fatty deposits. For more info regarding fatty deposits and PVD, visit this link: Poor Circulation and Hot to Improve Blood Circulation