Is It Possible To Stop Aging?

We can’t escape aging, it is the way of life. However, diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and lifestyle factors can delay or accelerate the aging process. People age differently, but we all age eventually, there is no escape from that.

Ii is an interesting fact that the future generation will be able to live longer than their parents. This constant increase in lifespan has been achieved mainly thanks to improved access and medical treatments. These days, people are eating healthy food and doing physical exercise to maintain good health.

pile of vitamins

On the other hand, there are many cases of people who smoked cigarettes for all their adult life, and reached the ages of 90, 100 and even 122 years (in the case of a French woman). So, there must be a specific factor that contributed to these people health despite the fact they smoked.

There are many theories on aging, most of them focus on how to reduce factors causing damage to our body and mind. This field is progressing all the time, with significant advancement in terms of genetic engineering and potential new cures.

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