Some Natural Herbs Might Replace Skin Care Creams

For the course of centuries, people (especially women) always wanted to look young and vital. The last few decades brought to us lots on innovations concerning facial creams that promise less wrinkles and a smooth skin. Some of those creams even fight aging and reduce skin discoloration.

In less progressed countries, the citizens use natural herbs to care for their skin. They might not be as powerful as the creams, but on the other hand they cost much less. If you can’t afford an expensive cream, you might want to give those herbs a chance.

pot with natural herbs

Some herbs are known for their antiseptic features, like lavender, marigold, thyme and fennel. Ancient cultures used those herbs to clean wounds and also to wash their face and keep a fresh look.

A great natural product is Aloe Vera. Freshly extracted Aloe Vera is a common hydrant that helps to calm the skin. It also cures cuts and heals light burns or abrasions.

Oils such as Tea bonsai oil, Lavender oil, Borage oil and Primrose oil are just some of the oils that can be used for skin care. The oils smooth the skin and give it a soft texture. Olive oil is also great for the skin and it’s known as an anti-aging natural remedy. Many people say that taking one spoon of olive oil every day is a guarantee for long and healthy life.

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