Unique Tips To Slow Aging And Look Great

As mortal beings, there’s no way to stop aging and live forever, but there are certainly some ways to slow this process and extend our longevity. The aging process is a combination of genetic factors, geographic and environment aspects, and lifestyle factors. The one thing that we can control is our lifestyle so let’s see what things can we do to slow the aging process and keep looking young and vibrant for a few more years.

elder-man-exercising1Exercise!! Yes, it’s probably the best solution to aging – so get your body movin’ and start a daily routine of physical training. Dedicate just half an hour each day, preferably in the morning, for diverse activities – jogging, swimming, stretching, fast walking, cycling, yoga, Pilates, dancing, etc… Whatever you like – the best is to mix a few activities you like, for example – 2 days swimming, 2 days dancing, 2 days yoga, 1 day bicycle.

variety-of-pillsTake a daily dosage of vitamins and hormones. Our body needs antioxidants to fight free radicals which can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. These are known to speed up the aging process. Vitamins like C and E are great antioxidant sources, so you might want to take them daily. Also, hormones like DHEA, estrogen or testosterone can result in slowing the aging process. But hormone supplements could also have negative effects on our health so it’s critical to consult with a doctor first.

relaxing at the beachDon’t forget to relax. In the daily race of our life, we often forget to rest and relax. Even if we retired from work and our kids are grownups, we still have a lot of activities like babysitting the grandkids or remodeling our house. These activities can be stressful, so make sure you set aside some relaxation time. You can go to the spa and have a soothing massage, you can go out to park and enjoy a sunny afternoon watching the birds, or you can sit at your porch listening to your favorite music. Do whatever makes you feel good and relaxed, and make sure you do it once a week at the minimum.

There are many other ways to slow aging, but these are the most popular. Whatever you choose to do is fine, you can combine them, you can pick just one, it’s all up to you.