Want To Reduce The Cognitive Consequences Of Aging? Start Exercising

Aging doesn’t only affect our body, it also affects our mind. Cognitive aging happens when the mind declines due to a range of failures in the physical structure of the brain. The aging process is a progressive, accelerating decline, that can be easily missed or ignored, since the process is accompanied with slight consequences and minor losses of function.

Many researchers believe that the degeneration of the brain can be minimized with the right exercise. A recent study shows that short term aerobic exercise improves memory, brain function, cognition, and physical fitness in aging.

start exercising today

The study reviewed 2 groups of adults that were randomly divided to a group of physical training and a control group. The physical training group took part in aerobic activity on a stationary bike or treadmill for one hour, three times a week for 12 weeks.

The researchers assessed the participants’ cardiovascular fitness, cognition and resting cerebral blood flow at three time points: before the started the physical regimen, in the middle – after six weeks, ans at the end – after twelve weeks.

The researchers found that most participants improved not only their physical state, but also their memory and cognitive state. No doubt that these findings should motivate any adult to start an aerobic exercise routine.