What Is The Connection Between Economic Wealth And Longevity

If you stop and think about it, it seems that longevity and economic growth and wealth go practically hand in hand. Once a society transforms from poverty to industrialized wealth, there is a rapid rise in life expectancy as well. Just look at what happens now in South Korea, or what happened hundreds of years ago, in the industrial revolution.

industrial harbor

Since societies can rise and fall based on the public’s understanding of the origins of wealth and economic growth, it is important that many people as possible will understand the broadest sense economy has.

Experts say that there is a cycle when the people who dominate are those who understand the economy, and they pass it on to their descendants, only to waste it all and destruct it because they fail to understand their society’s prosperity.

Nevertheless, humanity is marching onward, building new technologies at an ever-increasing pace. Maybe we won’t get to see it, but the generations after us will most likely enjoy the benefits of biotechnologies and the enhancement of human longevity.